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Frequently Asked Questions


JKK Medical Billing Services began their venture in December 2010. After many years of working "in-house" for different provider specialties, we realized that we could best perform our medical billing services "off-site". This allows the medical practice staff to focus on complete patient care.


JKK Medical Billing Services has 3 fulltime staff members that are crossed trained for all aspects of medical billing. We take a very personal approach to working with patients and their billing concerns.







What does it cost for your services?

Our basic fee structure for medical billing services is based on a percentage of net receipts. This method ensures that JKK Medical Billing Services will work diligently to "never leave money on the table" on your behalf. Consultation fees will be negotiated depending upon your practice's specific needs.




What experience does your company have?

Our staff has experience working in medical practices as administrators, as well as working at medical billing companies and with insurance brokers. We have certified AAPC coders trained in ICD-10 coding, along with certified billers, with many years experience in multiple specialites.



How many clients do you currently service?

We are a small but efficient company that is detail oriented. We keep the number of clients we contract with limited, so we can provide personal detail to your practice. Each staff member will be intimately involved with all aspects of your billing services. This will ensure that your practice has a continuous revenue flow.



What is your accessibility?


As a small company, we understand the importance of timely communication between JKK Medical Billing and your office staff and patients.  We answer all emails/phone calls promptly or will return them within 2 hours. Our staff is available 24/7 for our providers. We will be available to your staff and patients during your normal office hours.



What are your contract requirements?

We offer flexibility in our contracts. You are not "locked in" for a long term commitment if you are not satisfied with our services.

How do we access your system?


We have experience with many practice managment and EHR systems. We will work closely with your IT Department to gain access to your system through a secured remote HIPAA compliant connection. 


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